Friday, November 19, 2010

Stu's Last Day of Teaching at TLC

Party again?
No, this is not a happy party but sad. :'(
It's Stu's Last Day teaching at TLC.
The four things that we supposed to tell him.
Good luck, teacher! As always, you're awesome!
The pretzel incident. It was seriously funny! ♥
Thanks! It's always the word we would like to say to you.
We're gonna miss you although we know we will see you again. :)
It's for you STU! (
Nichols is the best!
Which one is mine? I'll give you reward, if you could guess it correctly.
hahaha.. :P
I like this picture.
Our smart, funny, kind but sometimes mean, handsome and lovely, cute teacher.
There are many words I could describe about you, teacher. :D
The only 3 guys in our class. They are friendly, funny, kind and helpful. Thank you guys! (:
What kind of pose is this? --"
This is BETTER! Hmmm..
Adrian always makes this kind of funny expression.
Girls in action.. :P
Class photo! ♥
This is just the beginning of the post.
Stay tuned for my next 2 posts about See You Later Party at Stu's house and Harvey Norman 9th Anniversary at Millenia Walk

Enjoy your weekend, guys!
With lots of loves... ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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