Monday, November 29, 2010

My 爱心 Sandwiches

These are the ingredients that I need to make my 爱心 sandwiches.
It's indeed very easy to prepare, but it takes 2 hours to finish it.
First, I need 10 minutes to de-freeze a packet of chicken sausages (hotdog) *no picture*
Second, I need to cut them into small pieces like in the above photo. (for around 8 minutes) *no picture*

Third, I need another 20 minutes to cook them.
In this case, I used oven to cook it.
After cooked. =D
There are more than these. I mean the sausages were more than in this picture.
Some of them didn't get the chance to be taken into the picture. Haha! I know I am lame. =D
Four, I need to mix the sausages with mayonaise.
Five, place the cheese onto every breads.
Six, if you love chilli, you can apply it on your bread.
Seven, bake the sandwiches
*random* Eight, cut it.
Nine, put them into the boxes.
Ten, eat them. (:
Look nice doesn't mean taste good, but I am sure, it will definitely taste good. =P
I hope it tasted good anyway. =D
Breakout Roadshow will be posted tomorrow.
Stay tuned~

PS: sorry guys, my English is indeed really suck. Please help me to fix it, if you don't mind.
Thank you so much. (:

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