Friday, November 26, 2010

"See You Later" Party

Instead of feeling down and crying in the middle of the night like last night.
Why not I think positively? Why not I try to be happy?

I'm here to post about the "See You Later" party at Stu's house.

The students from afternoon class came early that day. AWESOME, aren't they? (:
Thank you for those who grilled the meat for us. Appreciated! :)
Do you wanna try guys? :D
SLURP!!! (:
I should say "I love this BBQ Chicken to the max". =D
Jenna and Didi. SO CUTE!!!
SALAD is love. As always! :p
Adrian, a very nice guy, but likes to tell everybody that he's a bad guy! =="
*candid shot* but I love it!
I just like my smile here so I post it here. :p
This is the BEST!Jenna is indeed cute! Didi as well. :)
Afternoon class's studentsGaby & Liting
Thom and Gaby
Stu is right, Jake is indeed looking old in this picture.
We were watching video at Stu's house. Everyone looks so *excited*. =)
After watching the video, we went back to the swimming pool area.
When you see this, what is the first came to your mind? :D
Of course, gambling.
I'm kidding. We drank a glass of beer for whoever was lost.
So each of us was given 5 dices. If we lost all of our dices, we are out of the game.
Before playing the game, we took a picture first. :D
the game has started.
As we can be seen from the below photos, most of us looked frustrated.
We were trying to cheat people. =D
It's really FUN!
Stu were the first one who lost.
He's CUTE! Oops.. =P
After coming back from Swimming Pool Area.
Jake was very naughty, he's trying play with Adrian.
Cute! :-)
We played a games using these coins.
Guess what?
I've tried to steal Stu's coin but ended up, I failed cos I got caught red handed. haha.
This below photo was taken by Thom. (:
This is the game that we played.
I've got the highest number! This time, I'm sure I won! Well, in reality, yes, I won at that time.But not for the second round, I lost lots of coins, but Oogi won!
As you can see from the picture, the girl sit beside me won at the second round.
Do you see her ACE?
act cute section cos I was frustrated, I lost of coins.
Photo taking makes me happy. =P
Ignore my sleepy eyes. Just look at Jake and pretty Gaby.
Jake is taller than me. O.o
Jake is only listen to Stu's instruction. (:
Jake (Nichols)

That's all.
I hope you all the best, Stu!
Good luck in everything you do.

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