Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breakout Roadshow at West Mall

Thank you for everything! ♥
Kel, RB, Huiyun and Aud.
*excited* when I saw the time is getting fast that day cos it's time for me to be able to meet Elvin Ng. ♥
What did we queue for?
Of course this one!
Yes, the redemption of Breakout Passes.Yuting, Esther and Yvonee.
Remember to turn on Channel 8 on 6th damage.
This is the ticket!Jason and HuiYan
3 of them
DYT's fans
Elvin Ng's Fans! :P
Handsome BEAR! :P
Thank you Kelly and Huiyun for folding the rabbits and flowers.
1223 rabbits and 99 flowers. ♥
So cute! ♥
That's the end of the post! ♥
Enjoy your day, peeps! (:

PS: Thank you so much the wonderful Saturday, E and e. ♥

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