Sunday, November 28, 2010


As what I've promised you all, check it out my blog again on Sunday.
I am here to update the FUNaMANIA at Zouk.

I heard from Dorothy, Korean Singers, se7en were there too.
Wow, whoever saw them are indeed lucky. hehe! (:

This is the code of the game that we supposed to send to the number that they given us.
Who is the first sent it to the number then he/she is the winner.
Guess who won it?
Yes, she was the one! Our beloved Dorothy.
She is lucky! (:
Audrey and I.
Kelly and I.
Another game! Man VS Woman!
They were given 5 glasses, a super tiny glass/cup, a bottle of alcohol, and 5 different F&N Sparkling drinks.
They needed to mix a little bit of alcohol (I guess it was vodka) in every glasses and 5 different F&N Sparkling drink. Whoever finished the fastest, they won! :)
Do you want to guess who was the one got it, guys? =P
Haha! The man who won the prize. ;)
I only know Paige. She's awesome! She's beautiful...
Photo was taken from Aud's photo album.
I like this to the max. He must be very tired that day, but still he's looking good.. :)
This is also taken from Aud's photo album.
I like Jesseca Liu. She's beautiful.
One thing you will realized after looking at this picture, she's getting prettier, isn't she? (:
DYT! He's looking good too. (:
Elvin, Yvonne and DYT.

Sharon is lucky~ awww...
So sweet picture!
These two lucky girls. Group photos! I love them!
I was so tired but to be honest I am happy. (:
This girl was lucky cos she won a 6D4N Korea Trip.
Thank you Elvin. (:
I love this picture to the max.
So far, this is the most favourite picture of mine.
Sorry *candid*
Last but not least, this is the group photo and I love this photo and of course the people inside the photo too. (:
That's all.
Come back again, guys.
There are more interesting posts tomorrow. =P
Enjoy your Sunday, peeps.

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