Saturday, November 27, 2010

Harvey Norman 9th Anniversary

I'm here to update the 9th Anniversary of Harvey Norman.
The event was held at Millenia Walk.

The first photo of that day. :p
The Elves! (:
Don't you think this below picture is very artistic? =P
ORB won the umbrella. :)
Dorothy won the speaker. It was her mother's birthday present. :P
PS: I'm just back from Zouk & Giorgio. So tiring!
It was awesome and the most importantly was FUN!
I will update more about it tomorrow.
Alright, it's time to prepare the breakfast for Elves now.
It's 4am in the morning! (:
Today is the special event that I've mentioned few days ago, remember?
If you want to know what is that, then come back again on Sunday! =)
Enjoy your weekend, guys!

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