Thursday, April 22, 2010

This morning was stuck in the so called GREAT PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION which is MRT. WTF!!!

So well, I am sorry to say that, but really, I was so mad about the service. If they know that the train probably can't get fixed then told us earlier, but they were not. They told us after 30 minutes.

After everybody got out from the MRT, there are only 2 choices of PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: TAXI or BUS.

TAXI: I was in Buangkok and when I've gotten out, I saw there were more or less 300 people tried to call the taxi as well as in Sengkang. Some people were trying to wait the taxi at the TAXI STAND but the chances were very low to get a taxi asap or even after you've waited for 30 minutes; unless there were left only 5 people, okay?

BUS: There were also packed of people. Can you imagine I had waited for the third bus then I can got in. Tsk tsk tsk. ==" and it took me half an hour to the City Hall MRT.

Overall, as a student, call for taxi in peak hour will charge me like crazy, so I decided to take BUS. For that reason, I was late for 2 and a half hours. Luckily, my headmaster did not ask me to write letter. LUCKY ME!

This is what we call experience.

Okay, I shall stop complaining. I know it was not their fault. *sigh! --"

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