Friday, April 30, 2010

Best Couple Ever!

Elvin Ng, you are such a handsome guy.
7th Winner: Jesseca Liu & Elvin Ng.
6th Winner: Jeanette Aw & Elvin Ng.
5th Winner: Jeanette Aw & Dai Yang Tian.
4th Winner: Jesseca Liu & Tay Ping hui.
3th Winner: Jesseca Liu & Elvin Ng.
2nd Winner: Jesseca Liu & Elvin Ng.
1st Winner: Rui En & Elvin Ng.

Most of the Best Couple winner were taken by you and I was not wrong if I say you're the most Handsome guy I've ever seen on the TV. You're really handsome.
And and and Jesseca Liu and you're the best couple ever. Most of it were won by both of you. I'm proud of both you and Jesseca. *thumbs up!

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