Monday, April 26, 2010

After looking at the picture above, does anyone know exactly what is love?

Love must be a game, cause there so many f*cking players! Hahahaha~ Well said!
Indeed, it takes a thousand brains to explain what love is but to know and feel; 2 hearts can do both. As I know love is a win-win situation. Either you will get happiness, or you will get more strength.

If the man really love you, they will never hurt you.

Well, it hurts to know that you could have done something but you didn't and now it's too late, isn't it? Nonetheless, I've understood all this! Thanks to Ann Hoo Ty.

Smile even through your tears. Be strong even through your fears. Should I believe all this? *confused* T________T

I really want to say I deserve better, and mean it. I also really want to say that I’m moving on, and do it, however, it is just too hard to mean and do it. WTF!!!

Oh Jesus, please tell me WHY IS IT SO HARD?

Do you know that walking away from problems is easy yet standing up is hard. Nevertheless, these problems make me a stronger and more independence, thanks God! Some people said independence is sexy so my aim for now is to be more independence so I could be sexier. *rofl*

I always think that a good man is pretty hard to come by. I was so wrong, I should let go of the past because there are something and someone worthy awaits for me.
Is that correct? (I'm just trying to comfort myself) wtf and for now, I think responsibility man attracted me the most. ♥

Alright, just to remember myself that people may change, but the reality of memories don't. We took lots of pics and whenever I miss him, I will look at those pictures again and again. I miss him so much now. :'(

Okay, okay, okay... Let's back to the topic, below has some comment to all of the ladies, either I know you or I don't know you.

P.S: Ladies, any man you have to chase is probably not worth being caught. Please love like you've never been hurt! In other words, never devalue yourself to get someone to see your value.

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