Friday, April 16, 2010

I wanna go "Jay Chou 2010 Concert", I've heard people said that if we have OCBC debit card then it will be easier and we will have discount as well.

On the other hand, everything is just too late. Winnie said the concert ticket was sold out within 3 hours and it is 1 hour earlier than last year. OMG! I just can't believe it and JC said that she feel so proud of him. Yes, I proud of him and you guys who are his fans too. Really, Jay Chou is great!!! so do you all. :)

Do you know that there are some people selling tickets with a very high price? Well, don't get offend. Maybe you guys just wanted to earn money, but have ever thought about us? We really want to go and we've got no ticket. :'( What a disappointed feeling I've gotten now. Whatever, I should wait for the additional show then. I'm excited about it anyway.

FYI - Ticket sales for the additional show on 23rd July will commence on 22nd April 2010. Check it out here --->! Good luck for everyone and myself too. :)

Alright, let me end this topic here. I just hope you guys would enjoy the concert on that day. Have a fabulous weekend with Jay Chou, even though just two and half hours. Well, correct me if I have wrong information.
Appreciated. :)


Cheers! :)

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