Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's Take A Walk With Me

Hey people,
How are you doing?
Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2011 will take place on Saturday, 18 June at Gardens by the Bay East, Tanjong Rhu.

Does anyone interested in joining me? :)

Join Bare Your Sole!
Treacherous roads, uneven flooring, broken glass, scorching ground and discarded sharp objects...Everyday, people in developing countries and disaster-stricken places make their way through these undesirable conditions - barefoot.

Let us take off our shoes on this one particular day in support of these children and adults who live in such dire conditions.

Join us at our Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2011 barefoot walk to help raise funds for projects to improve these people's living conditions by building homes and fighting poverty.

For more information check it out:
You can also contact them via email: or Tel: 6799 5909.

I hope to see you around on that day.
Good night! :)

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