Friday, February 18, 2011

Tzu Chi Foundation

Let me tell you what's Tzu Chi.
Tzu Chi is a non-profit organization.
There is no racial and religious prejudices and they do not choose the people they help. Tzu Chi disregards differences and just helps all the people in need. Whatever your skin colour, social status or religion is, Tzu Chi's respect is always there.

Master Cheng Yen has developed its four missions of Charity, Medicine, Education, and Humanistic Culture and expanded to five continents with chapters and offices in 47 countries.

As the Foundation continues its Four Missions into the future, Tzu Chi followers too resolute themselves to strive for a world of kindness and compassion envisioned by Master Cheng Yen, working to bringing out the goodness in humanity so as to create a peaceful and harmonious society.

You know what?
Tzu Chi has its own Tzu Chi Recycling Day which falls on every second Sunday of the month.
Do you want to know more about it? Stay tuned~

For more info about Tzu Chi Foundation, please click here.

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