Thursday, February 3, 2011

GPlusMeetup Event

Happy Chinese New Year, friends.
I went to the GPlusMeetup last Sunday.
I meet some new friends in the event.
It was a fun-filled afternoon and I really enjoyed myself.

This is the Event Itinerary..
Guess who did I vote for? =P
This ice-breaking game was fun. We are all participate in this game, although our group didn't win but still, it was blast!
I can see the enthusiastic of us from these below pictures.
Yes, everyone participated in the game and everyone tried to win, but they could only choose 3 winners. :'(Although we completed three photos, our team 12 is still rock! =P
*random* Guess which girl has the tattoo? and Which Team were they? =P
And after 15-20 minutes I think, they announced the 3 winners.
Well, I didn't manage to take the other 2 winners.
However, this team was one of the winner. haha.
The eating session time~
Wonderful foods and wonderful people. hehe.
Pretty Rene!
I enjoyed eating the foods. How I wish I could get another plate that day.. haha.. =P
cos I was so hungry on that day. I think Rene was too. =D
Thanks for the foods which had filled our stomach.
Oh yes, have you ever heard Sinema before?
Sinema is actually a theater which support local movie.
Does anyone support local movie?
You can actually watch it in Sinema. It's nearby Plaza Singapura.
After the eating session, the bloggers share their tips on blogging.
Most of them say, or perhaps, all of them agree that be yourself is the main point and photoshopping is a MUST in the list.

Followed by the guest, Dr. Leslie Tay for sharing the thoughts.
I've learned a lot from him last Sunday.
The funniest part:
"Why the first guy who ate/found laksa never use chopsticks?"
Does anyone still remember this? haha...

After the guest shared his thought.
They announced the President and Vice President.
And again, please guess who did I vote for? =PBy the way, the President is Hong Peng and the Vice is Shanice Thiang.

Some photo-taking after the event.

The TEAM 12 members. COMPLETE! =P
Pretty bloggers (Rene and Esther).
Wow.. I took photo with the president (HP). hehe. =P
A famous blogger from OZ.
She's just awesome!
Dr Leslie, thanks for sharing your thoughts once again.. =)
Nuffnang's Boss.
Oh yes, these are inside the goodie bag.
I will give the salonpas to my grandpa and my granny.
The red packets will be giving it to my mommy so she could give one back to me with big $ inside. Haha~
Lastly, I'm here to tell you "What is Glitterati Plus?"
Glitterati Plus is a club exclusively for Glitterati Nuffnangers who are active in attending events and participating in contests. Sounds cool, isn't it?

Do you want to know more about this?

Let me tell you the benefits of this club:

  • Be able to enjoy benefits of sponsorships and having fun at the same time
  • Reap higher chances of getting event passes to exclusive Nuffnang-branded events such as Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards, Nuffnang Bloggers’ Symposium or movie screenings!
  • Get invited to attend blogger-exclusive events, product launches or workshops organised by the brands partnering with Nuffnang
  • Take charge and create your own outings. Best of all, it’ll be subsidised by Nuffnang!
The club is now open to any Glitterati Nuffnangers who wish to join. So what are you waiting for?
I believe most of us love to attend events. This is a great opportunity for you who love to attend events, always passionate and enthusiastic about blogging and meeting light-minded blogger friends, to join the exclusive club. COME ON!



You can send the following details to :




Contact No.:

Blog URL:

Twitter Username (if any):


Gentle reminder for one more time. =P

PLEASE remember the Criteria:

  • You have to be an active blogger who updates your blog frequently.
  • You have to be loyal and exclusive to Nuffnang (of Glitterati membership) -> link to
  • You must love to meet new friends, and love attending events (I believe everyone does love attending events) =P

Anyway, there will be a screening process to ensure that you meet these criteria, but once you have been chosen, you will receive a confirmation email after to confirm your membership status! :) Easy as that! Yay~ Excited right? Me too. =)

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