Friday, February 25, 2011

Tiko RB's 21st Birthday.

I was invited to a super duper tiko (pervert) girl's 21st birthday celebration 2 weeks ago.
Haha, okay, I was kidding about the tiko (pervert) word.
She is simply lovely. Well, it's not surprisingly that she has a fun-loving family, a cute dog, a good boyfriend and of course, a bunch of AWESOME friends like us. haha..
Whatever it is.. It was a wonderful night.
It's not only a birthday celebration, but it's kind of a gathering of elves too.
Thanks for inviting my dear. :)
Which way will you choose?
There are always coconut trees around the beach.
Wah, the wind was so strong but nice. =P
the friendship is as strong as the wind.
Group photos...
Audrey and Huiyan.
Wah..Otah otah.. *slurp*
This picture below shows Audrey and Yuting were busy on choosing their foods.
Huiyun looked at Kelly and I curiously with her left eyebrows up.
Huiyun: "What are the two of you doing?"
Kelly and I: "Smile in front of the camera."
Yuting, Aud, RB and Huiyun.
So many foods
I was craving for satay few weeks back and I was so happy when I saw the satay. *drools*
My all time favourite~ SUSHI..
it makes me hungry whenever I saw the foods.
Her cute dog. =P
So cute, seriously. I mean the dog, not me.
This is damn cool.
Kelly's hardwork. =)
See, what I've told you, I was too happy to see satay.
(it's just the close-up shot of the satay)
a beautiful, well-designed cake I've ever seen with my eyes so far.
Normally, I saw those great, well-designed cakes/cupcakes in the pictures.
The birthday girl with her beloved bf.
This is what I mentioned, haha..
Kelly is just as cute as the cake. *oopss* =P
Before taking the jump-SHOT. It was hilarious whenever I think of that word.
I accidentally pronounced it wrongly.
Ok, 1...2...3... JUMP!
Okay, forget about the jump session, let's make some nice and good looking love shape.
Do our loves well-shaped?
The free styles.
6 Flowers...
Can you actually see the difference between the cow and I? *stupid question* =P
It's just simply awesome.
I enjoyed the moments with them.
It's another weekend again. May you all have a wonderful one ahead.

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