Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNY Shopping with Granny.

Good morning! I'll be going back in few hours.
It's 2 hours to be exact..
So I went to Chinatown with my granny last Wednesday and ended up, I was the one who bought more than her. *faint!
Actually the main reason to Chinatown was to shop for CNY, but guess what?
Granny said she craved for Chinatown foods so she brought me to Chinatown for shopping.
We went to TIONG SHIAN F&B PTE LTD. They have a seriously and amazingly nice foods.

As what I've seen on that day, this was the most people order.

This is the fish! Oh my goodness, the sauce is tasty!

Especially we mixed it with this porridge. OISHI.. So after eating, we started our shopping session.
It was so packed which was the thing I hate the most.
Everywhere is buy 3 $10/-

The candies/sweets.
What are these called? Anyone can enlighten me?
I know this is called KAU LAK. Am I right? hmmm...
My mommy's favourite things when the CNY is around the corner...
My granny and mom love FLOWER so much! Lastly, it's a year of RABBIT!

I am wishing you all have a cute year ahead. HUAT AR~


Have a nice day ahead~

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