Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mind Cafe with elves.

It was my first time visited The Mind Cafe and it was with elves.
I was LOST on my way to the Mind Cafe. They took at least 20 mins walk from Clarke Quay MRT but I took around 1 hour to get there. Pathetic! SK me! =D
I was really scared and LOST!

I had so much FUN afterall anyway. haha.

This was the first game we played when I've reached.
followed by the GESSTURES games!
We divided into two group.
The first group was Huiyun, Vivien and I.
The second group was Esther, Audrey, Kelly and Yuting.
Guess which group lost?
OF COURSE the first group! =D
The PAPAYA dance was the forfeit.
The SEVEN of US!
Vivien went back after this photo taken.
She gotta woke up early the next day so she couldn't stay up too late.
Not really fun but considered okay! =P
I love these candies. =D
I found out these are CUTE so I took a photo of them. *random*
Before starting playing SNORTA! game, we played another game, but i forgot to take photo of it. From that game, I found myself know them more than before. =D
The forfeit? NOPE! This was just for FUN!
After that, we've played this game!
the I KNOW game. Look! How we concentrated on playing this game. =D
Ended up, I LOST!
And the forfeit is to get chances to kiss Esther and Kelly. =="
Alright, no more games! Only photos...BIG EYES the two of them. The orange and the red shirt. =P
Thank you Huiyun for the beautiful photo. (=
The SIX of us!
Look at the nice scene! (=
PS: After The Mind Cafe, we walked around and then went to TCC for drinks and HTHT!
We stayed up late till 3am I think. HAHA! I only remember, I reached home at around 4:30am to 4:40am . Thanks girls for the wonderful Friday night! Always the memorable one!

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