Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's 2011.

Happy New Year 2011, people!
Let's bring the good memory to be kept in 2011.

For the first time, I celebrated the my New Year Eve in Singapore.
We simply love to do silly things.
Vivi and ORB.
My favourite pic of the day! :p
Long friend (Vivi) and IThe LED board is COOL! Vivi said she would love to have one for herself. :D
The committees (Huiyun didn't managed to come so left Kel, ORB and Aud)
Esther who managed to squeeze in over the crowds. SALUTE!
Poor Elvin. Get well soon, okay? :)
After the countdown party, some of them went to have their supper, some of them went back home.
We had a great time and great party. We jumped, we sang, we shouted, we waved, we laughed over stupid things together. WHAT A GREAT DAY YESTERDAY!
Thank you, elves. :)

The day before 31st, I went to NEX.
Yes, it's the first time, I visit NEX and it's with my beloved elves. :)

We had our dinner at HOT TOMATO.
We laughed, we teased others, we played, we shared jokes.
What can I ask for?
They are AWESOME!
On our way to practice singing. :P
Garfield. He rocks!
MY ELVES, you rock!!! :p
Jumping moments. EPIC + CLASSIC. :D
That's all for today post.
I hope you enjoyed yourself in the countdown party with your loved ones, guys.
May you had a great year ahead.

PS: I have a New Year BBQ Chalet with my Volunteer friends. We're gonna rock and roll.

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