Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Denny & Roger's Wedding Party

It's 11/1/11.
What a great date to be back home.
How's everyone doing? I hope you all are doing great.
I'm happy to be back and share the photos with you all. :D

Before the wedding party of Denny & Roger, we chilled around in the middle of the night. It was FUN although I was a little tired.

The bride and one of the sisters.
All of them are good in singing. *salute*
The girls. :P
The next day is the wedding party, we woke up quite late but we had our breakfast in the room and it was the bride who bought for us.
As what I've mentioned before, she's a great friend. She took care of us while we were there.
She even sponsored us this.
YES, the make up and the hairstylist?
I don't know what is this called. :D
Myself after transformation. :P
Pretty? Say No if I'm not, but please say YES if I am. haha.. =P
Yay, after wearing the red dress. We all looked gorgeous.
While waiting for the rest, we took picture in the hotel's restaurant.
Finally, we're here to attend Denny & Roger's Wedding Party.
The friends, the sisters and the bride.
One of the Lollies' birthday. :)
Yes, it's LUSY!
That's so SWEET!
Once again, congratulation, my dear.
I wish you had a great life with your beloved hubby in the future.
All the best!!!

Oh yes, it's Winnie and Dorothy's birthday today.
I wish you nothing but happiness in 2011.

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