Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Gathering Weekends

Last Friday was the gathering with my elves. Check out The Mind Cafe with elves, if you missed it!
On the Saturday morning, I went to Marina Barrage for volunteer briefing with Thom and Yuting.and after that, Yuting and I went to Dhoby Ghaut for brunch.
We had our brunch at MOS BURGER.
My brunch!The sweetest thing was Yuting knew I keep complaining about my face and she bought me masks. SWEET, right? My elves are always so sweet to me. *blush* hahaha. =P
then in the afternoon, I continued with the gathering with my ex-classmates.
We went to Botanical Garden for the first time (it's my first time to be and it was raining very heavily.
Spoiled the mood of picnic after I saw someone was wearing the red raincoat. I feel proud of her.
The enthusiastic of this girl was the thing I proud of.
Yes, she's my friend.
Thom. =D
So we insisted to continue the picnic even it was raining heavily.
I was quite wet anyway. =D

We moved to the food centre and found a big space for us to chill.
These are the snacks. A LOT!!
Took some pictures before going back.
The next day, I went to T1 to sent off a friend of mine (the one who was wearing the red shirt)
Byebye with big hugs! Anyway, she'll be back in 2 months time. =D
We thought she will never come back anymore. That's hilarious!
Playing around before she checked in. =P
After that, I went to meet up with my colleagues and some new friends I knew on that day. =D
SEOUL GARDEN! wohoo! Enjoy to the max, man!
I ate till my stomach almost bloated. haha.
SLURP! I love the Char Siew Chicken!
Dessert time was the best cos they have my favourite ice cream flavour. hehe.
Alright, that's all.
My weekend is always full of activities.
Even this coming weekend. *faint*
It's tiring but always FUN!

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