Thursday, January 6, 2011

After 2 days of suffering. Finally, there's an internet connection. How great!
How's everyone doing?

I'm doing good. I feel so happy today.
Beside the happy feeling about "the internet connection".
I feel happy about other things too but I will not share it here publicly.

Anyway, Batam is GREAT or perhaps, it's my hometown so I feel the GREATNESS?
I should feel blessed that I am finally here to enjoy and relax although it's just 10 days.

From the day I'm back to Batam, I was busy with my friend's wedding party.
I went to Tanjung Pinang to attend her wedding party and I was one of her sisters.
I was feeling excited and happy for her.

Sisters have to wear red dress.
Do I look good in red? :DBeautiful bride and I.
I feel so proud to be able to stand beside her.
She's indeed a great friend. She was taking care of us when we were in Tanjung Pinang.
She bought us breakfast and even provided us with a free hotel.
I am really happy to have known her.
No, not because she bought us breakfast and provided us a free accommodation to stay then I said I'm happy to know her.
I'm happy to have known her is because she's a nice friend of mine.
She's always so caring and sweet towards us.

Once again, congrats, dear. =)
I wish you and him will be happily ever after.
You'll always have my blessings.


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