Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guys, would you like to see my adorable picture?

Tada! Mother, brother and I. This photo was taken when we were in Sentosa, I guess.
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Some of my relatives said that my brother and I look alike when we were young.
Do you think so? Hmmm...
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The greedy me!
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How about this one?
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(I know you are laughing out loud now)

The reason why I am posting these photos today is because of the relevant of the speaking topic was given by teacher just now. As always, on every IELTS practice test, we would be given a topic card and we have only one minute to prepare. So my topic was to describe a photograph that means a lot to me. When I read it, I was like "Dang! Is there anything harder than this topic?" In fact, it was the hardest topic ever.

Well, all of the photographs I have are mean lots to me. However, the most meaningful and valuable photograph is the family photo because it is the one and only family photo I've ever had.
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Although, I've already had the recent photo we took on the Chinese New Year 2010 which is this below photo. This photo was taken during our holiday to Bintan Lagoon. My father lived there so we've decided to have a visit to him. (=
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To me, the most memorable family is still the one and only family photo. I can still feel the family love from my father and mother for us.

Does anyone know why I love family event the most like for example, NFC 2010 that I've attended last few months. From that event, I saw lots of different family members (the one I remembered the most was a father, a mother and their 2 children had fun together, had their family photo together, played games together). It made me envy, seriously. Don't ask me WHY am I envy. It will be the longest story ever. :(

Well, the family that I am talking about is my Auntie's family. Sometimes, I feel so extra when I am out with them. Check it out the NFC 2010 if you are my new readers. (=
Anyway, I still feel warmth when I saw happy and harmony family.

So guys, do you mind to share with me one of a photograph that means a lot to you?
Have a nice day, guys! ♥

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