Thursday, June 10, 2010

NFC 2010 @ Sentosa

Sorry for the late posting.

Yes, I've won 7 tickets of Luge & Skyride. It's really great! Thank you Nuffnang. ♥
This is very exciting. I even recorded it to share to one of my cousin.
I was thinking to ask her accompany me to play this one day. :)
My auntie.
HOT! It's a sunny day!
Everyone is queuing for goodies bag(s). haha!
whose are these goodies bag? :p
Yes, it's mine. I've got 7 goodies bag. :D
They have even more than us. xD
I've got 7 goodies because I have won 7 tickets. :p
two of them are lovely. :)
boy: nah, you eat lo.
girl: huh? so disgusting! haha!
Inside the goodies bag, we've got all this vouchers. I don't even need them. :x
Peace is her favourite pose. :p
Next stop: Palawan Amphitheatre
I was very excited to see the birds. Yes! :p
So do they.
Family Photos
Are you ready to play Skyride?
Aunt is a caring person. Look at her hands. She loves her children so much. :)
I was excited. The most excited person on that day. :D
Luge? Who's ready? Yes they are. :D
Hey, me too. :p
Peace again?????????? AGAIN?

We left two tickets for luge and skyride. Due to we only have 5 people, the 2 of them, I gave it to others. :)

Waterfront STATION. Yippeee!
So envy!
Another family photos! envy!
Here is another one! *haha*

Even more cute.
I love this the most. :p
How I wish, all of this was mine. xD
AFter seeing all these chocolates, it makes feel like bringing all of them HOME!
The biggest chocolate I've ever seen. I think. :D
Garrett? It's a very nice popcorn. I love that.:)
My favorite is Cheese Corn. Well, I've try the other flavour. Maybe next time, I will try. :D
i am craving for this still. :(
DC said I am a popcorn queen.

We headed to the next stop!
Yes, it's CASINO!
Alright, we've just passed by. :D

Show butts! =P
Finally, we've reached Harbour Front.
We went to VIVO. There were some marching band there. AWESOME!
Doreen joined the diaper contest. I am not sure what is it.
That's all for the NFC 2010 day.
I am Chao Da... :'(


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