Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zirca Night! Wohoo! 04092010
What a wonderful night. (:

I definitely like my blue eyes. =P
Photo taken when we were on the way to Zirca.
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While waiting for Gilbert and Yanti, we took a picture just for the evidence how bored we were. :(
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When we were chilling at MCD.
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Do you know why it was so wonderful that night? It was because we could party with Gilbert and Yanti. Like finally we can party with our friend, Yanti. (:
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Gaby and Oogi. Beautiful girls! (:
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They are both beautiful, man! loves!!!
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I AM BEAUTIFUL TOO! lalalala~ =P
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That's the end of the post!

Have a nightmare alright! :D


k~^|n said...

LOL...the ending pose... gonna have nightmare 2nite..

Mayrine Yu said...

Haha! did you have a nightmare that day?(=