Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello, I am back again! How's everyone doing there? :D

I am doing good. As always, our teacher will give us the IELTS practice test every once in a month and today is the 5th IELTS practice test that I've done. So hard. So stress. However, I am still feel extremely happy today due to the long weekend is coming! HEHEHE! (:

How are you going to celebrate? Are you guys going to holiday this weekend? I hope you enjoy the holiday.

We have been partying lots these days which made me come up with a question to my teacher, "How much KG have you gained?" and he laughed and said "Do you know this is exactly the same question as Ms. Chan asked me?". Whenever I think of it, it makes me smile!

We all know that teacher is controlling his own diet. He has a very healthy diet which I can't even do it. Although I've tried before, at the end, I gave up. :D

Alright, so here are some photos to be shared.
Let's start from Sophie's Birthday. 20100903
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See how pretty of this girl. (:
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She's so sweet, she's even use the flower that we gave her. :D
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See how cute they are! They are trying to use the pose which Asian people lovesss to pose. so cute! ♥
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follow by Watsana's birthday surprise on 20100908
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Happy birthday, Watsana! (:
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These two are my classmates, the one who wore blue shirt was the one who made the flowers.
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See how sweet they are? hehe
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That's all! :*

PS: do you guys still remember this post?
Yes, the 30 day picture challenge!

I am gonna start doing it from tomorrow onwards. =D

Hope you enjoy reading my post! (:
Have a wonderful weekend ahead.
Take care!

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