Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yay! What should I describe about last night? Err... Fun!!!
I enjoyed myself last night. We had fun. Only one sentence could describe myself which is "Three Sheets to the Wind". Sounds like I'm so pro. To be honest, that sentences was taught by Alex. He taught me lots of interesting words. Love it. I wanna say thank you as well. :)
Alright, the only praise for being "Three Sheets to the Wind" is headache. So ya. The next day after woke up, I've got a very bad headache. hahaha! Laugh at me. Come on!

Okay, okay. Let's enjoy below photos first.

My friends (Sri and Angie) and I

One my ex-classmate (Sri)

New friend. Pretty. Love her.

I know it's blur. Hehehe. My bad. My friends (Yatie and Kath)

Stay tuned~ more photos to be uploaded! :)


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