Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yay! Finally, I'm here to update my heart :)

Well, how's your weekend everyone? I had a great time with my friends and Alex at hometown. However, no pictures of the places that I went with Alex because he said he could be able to just capture into his mind about everything in Batam. I hope so and I can tell that he will forget everything about what had happened as the time goes by. :(

I showed him around and brought him to go to some seafood restaurant to have some food that he never had it before, and yes, it was his first time to attend the Asian wedding party, he told me that his mind keep saying Holy Shit. Hahaha. It means he was fascinating about everything he saw on the wedding party, some part of the wedding party are same in his town. Some of the part are different like Karaoke and the song. Hahaha! We have a very fast mandarin song while they have a slow english song.
And I guess there are many more things which are different from us. It's just because I didn't ask him.

Below are the photos that we took during wedding party. :)

Wedding where the ratio of white people to non-white was 1:500. This is because Alex was the only white person there. Hahaha.

After the wedding party, we went to have some drinks and yes, we were the three sheets to wind at that night. The next morning, we've got a prize which is headache. Tsk tsk tsk.

Even though, it was just a short trip for Alex. I had enjoyed myself. I've figured out that my English is getting better these days :p Thanks to Alex. Take care when you're in NZ. :)
So ya, it was fun!

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