Saturday, March 6, 2010

Enjoyable Day with Great People

Friday Night - Pizza Hut & Happy Puppy Family Karaoke.

My friends and I went to Pizza Hut had our dinner, but for me, it was my lunch and dinner. Hahaha. After having our dinner, we headed to Happy Puppy Family Karaoke. We had fun.

4 beautiful girls. :D

ugly faces of me but I like it.

Saturday Afternoon - Happy Puppy Family Karaoke & Breeks.

All I want to say is thank you to my brother. He was the one who accompanied me the whole day. :) I feel so happy to have a sibling like him. :)

We went to K and we ordered a cheezy popcorn. It tastes good. :)

After singing K, we had our lunch at Breeks Cafe.

My brother with his Ice Cream.

Mashed Potatos

My Potato Island. love it.

I've got a feeling that tonight is gonna be a good night. Yay! :)
Okay okay okay.. Tonight will be going to K again and also will be going to watch movie. Happy! It's been so long i've never watched movie. :(

Ehemmm... MC please don't be moody. :) alright, I will keep myself happy everyday. I just wanna be happy and cheerful :)

I will and I promise. Jiayou!!!!

Stat tuned guys :)

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