Friday, March 5, 2010

Well, only one word can describe my feeling TIRED!!!!!!!! :'(

I need a rest........... I haven't slept yet since Thursday morning (7 a.m.) woke up till now.
What a strong person am I. *crazy*

I'm in my hometown now. I guess I will have a wonderful holiday this time.
Full of party, yes, we will be shopping till dusk and party till dawn, Aw~

Oh yes, Alex will be visiting Batam this Sunday evening and he will be staying over my place till Tuesday morning. He is my teacher's nephew.
Why do I know him? Great question for myself, don't you think so? Hahaha..
Let me answer my own question. On the last Friday, our teacher brought his nephew to our class and introduced him to all of us. He comes from Portland, but he will be going to New Zealand to work for Wine Industry. If I am not forgotten, he told us that he will be the wine maker there. He loves wine and he was influence Stu (my teacher's name) to be interested in Wine.

They are having fun in Vietnam now. So good~
Stu said that he meets lots of great people. I hope Alex will meet some in my hometown too. :P

So they will be coming back from Vietnam to Singapore on Sunday afternoon and Alex will be coming over to Batam in the evening.
To be honest, I am feeling nervous while exciting. OMG! It's like my first time to be a tour guide for Caucasian like him and handsome somemore. *blush*
He's attached okay! Don't think too much. LOL

Okay, I am feeling nervous because my english sucks and I am not a good tour guide.
I hope I could be able to make him understand whatever I said and explain to him.
I am exciting because I've never been hanging out with Native Speaker before except school trip with teacher and a bunch of schoolmates. :D

I just can't wait for the day to come. I wanna have fun.
Oh well, it's Friday! I'll be going out to Happy Puppy for K with my lollies (part of my life). Love them so much! :)

Stay tuned guys, I will be posting whenever I have time :P

Enjoy your weekend.
Take care~

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