Thursday, February 25, 2010

I feel like every relationship goes through stages.

First, you have the honeymoon stage. Everything seems so perfect, almost too perfect. You always want to be with this person, calls and texts are constant. You can't imagine yourself without him, although your time together has been spared.

Next, you go through the questioning and fighting stage. Is this person right for me after all? Is this going to work out? You start to fight about how he doesn't communicate with you as much as he used to. He doesn't try to "woo" you anymore because he believes he already had you. This is really where couples make it or break it. Some people just can't stand that there isn't that firing spark anymore. Sure, you feel connected. Just not how it was in the very beginning of the relationship.

Next step is "finding the perfect medium". If you overcame all the fights, the days where you'd barely eventually find a good in between in your relationship. He starts to offer to come see you more, but still make time for his friends. Just not as much friend time as it was before. The text and calls aren't constant, yet they do exist again. Everything just seems right. You know him well, he becomes your best friend. You both experienced having your "own life" while still being with each other. You know you can depend on him, as he does as well with you.

This cycle repeats, often. So if you're upset thinking that the honeymoon phase will not cease to exist again, you're wrong. Relationships go through this so they can mature, so they are put to the test and whatever couple makes it out alive is really meant to be. If you don't get through this tests, then he isn't the one. Everyone was made for someone, and I will always believe that. I don't necessarily think things always happen for a reason, but in all in all you have someone out there meant for you. It's all a matter of finding them.

What stage are you in right now?

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