Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 3 of my CNY for this year was as fun as day 2, if you have read my previous post, you would have known it :) damn fun, don't you think so? Haha! So how did you spend your CNY this year? Was it fun? I spent my day 2 & 3 in the beach. Haha! Yay!

This is the view of Argo Resort.

Okay, we were lack of water. Haha! Need some fresh coconut water. Yay! Very nice.

This was our coconut. (our refer to my mom and me)

Kay with her husband, damn sweet huh! :) so envious!

Huat arghhhh~

Before we went to the *** island (sorry I've forgotten about the name of the island), let's have a gathering photo first. Haha

Yay! Are you ready everybody? Go! Go! Go!

Finally, we've reached the destination.

The first thing we did when we've reached was taking photo except my momma. She kept saying so hot, damn hot, bopian, she has a very fair skin, sometime I feel so envy but it's okay lar, I love my current skin now. :)

Lai Lai Lai.. Cheers for us! Loves huh!

Whoa.. Another side have a nice view as well!

Even more beautiful, WTF!

Here it is, momma and kay's husband. :D funny!

Yeah! Taken by momma with kay's husband. Yay!

Last view of this island (damn it, i forgot the name)

Here we are, we've reached Argo! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Look! Can you imagine how crowded is that place?hmmm~

This was the way to the kelong, we were having our lunch there. For me, it was my brunch. Haha'

Supposed to take all the foods but my battery was flat, don't even know why when it comes to take photos of food, my battery never want to support me. :( sigh!

Well anyway, after lunch we went to the harbour and took ferry back to Batam, what a tiring day man, but it was damn fun. :)

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