Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello, day 1 of CNY, we had fun!
I've finished almost all of this. Haha!
This is the next target!
The next next target~ haha!
This is for barong sai. :)
Lion head. What a dirty lion head!

It was stuck!

Keep trying!
Finally, get into! yay!
Pai pai for zhao gong.
He was trying to peel us a number I think, haha!

The number is 7314. I think they don't have any number to think of, so they think of 1314 changed to 7314, got it?
Guess what number is this? Hmmm...
It was 3031

Grandpa with our beloved Diana.
Mummy with me :)

Trying my clothes. Haha! And forced my bro to take a photo of mine. Haha!
Finally, I chooses this dress for first day of my CNY. Haha!

Whoa.. Another target. Fat! ;(
Anyway, this is my fav nugget
And this is my fav homemade rendang by granny. Nice
Camera in action please.
I was so happy! Yea~*
I wanna fly? Fly away
This pic was taken when I was otw to Xul's house.
Taken when I was in Xul's house. Haha!
Xul's momma wih her grandson. What a cute grandson.
These are mine
Kiss kiss with En En. :)

Okay, after from Shanty's home, Xul, Fredrick and me went to the K-Box. We had fun there, yay! Loves..

By the way, stay tuned~ haha!

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