Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally here I am....

I am here babes and dudes. Lol~ I know you've been missing me right?

Well, how have you been doing guys? Hehe.. Anyway, I am doing good, I had lots of fun with my besties on the last weekend, hmmmm how about you guys?

I have two things would like to share with you guys. Here you go!

Firstly, I would like to start from my last Tuesday, I met up with him and had dinner with him as well. The purpose to meet up with him was to pass his figurine to him as his birthday present because I scared when his birthday he would refuse to go out with me so I give him first. :(
Let me show you how his figurine looks like.

Hahaha.. Does his figurine looks like him? I really hope he will like it. :)
Will he remember me when he's looking at this figurine? I hope he will. Am I asking too much? I just want him to remember me. Too much? No I guess. :(

I miss him, really miss him. I wish he would ever know how badly I miss him.

He told me we can be friends but why he never reply my MSG? Seems like he's avoiding me. Do you know it's hurt like a hell when the person you love the most is avoiding you? I guess you will never ever understand this feeling because your ego and you're selfish. Sorry to say that but this is the fact. :(

Secondly, how did I spend my weekend? Hmmm~

Can I talk about it on my next post? I haven't gotten the pictures yet. Sorry guys but please stay tune alright? See ya!!!!

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