Sunday, February 14, 2010

This is how I spent my CNY 2010 - 30 Meh. =)
Yeah. 30meh! Took a pic of my lil bro.
Granny wanted to burn joss sticks to great great grandpa and great grandpa. So confused!
Those foods were for pai pai
Granny was ready burn all those paper (i don't know the English) correct me please!
Our house's plant (it should be granny's plant)
Family []
Cheeseee~ *yeah*

While we were taking photos? Mummy was damn busy of choosing granny's new clothes for CNY! :D

Funny looks! Yay!
Do you know why I took this pic?
Still don't know?
*sigh! Should I explain? HAhaha.. Think so!

We looked like couple la, WTF!

Lil bro with his big sister! Lol
Lover? Of course not. It is my lil bro.
This my cousin ( Eric )

Our steamboat - reunion dinner~
Before lau~ so tidy huh!
Are you ready guys? =D

After lau, it's damn messy!
Okay, I will continue upload and post my day 1,2,3 and etc. :) stay tune~


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