Monday, February 8, 2010

First of all, do you believe there can be a miracle? LOL~
Well, when I was thinking of him and wish he would call me just now and it really happened, he called me and I don't even know why he's calling me because he just asked me how am I doing, have I eaten yet? Just a few questions then he hang off the phone. Although just a simple question, it made me happy. :) Really... I am happy not because he called me, but I am happy cause when I miss him, he called me. It's like he knows that I miss him. Hehehe.. We have the so called telepathy I guess.
I think you guys must be know what is telepathy right? Telepathy means communication between minds by some means other thatn sensory perception and it also called mental telepathy. Haha. Alright I am on the way home now. See ya friends.

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