Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello pepos... xD
Oh, typo error?

It should be..

Hello people...
It's Friday and finally, I am here to blog and share about the Recording at Mediacorp on 2nd June 2010, Wednesday.

It was great. I know lots of new friends and they are lovely.
I will never forget 2nd June 2010.
For the first time, I met Elvin Ng. ♥
For the first time, I went to MCS.
For the first time, I took a pic with Elvin Ng. ♥
For the first time, I talked to Elvin Ng. ♥
This would be the unforgettable moments for me. ♥
Thanks for the accompany, girls. :)
Yes, I am a big fan of Elvin Ng. I always want to join fans club when I was in my hometown but I know it will be very difficult. Since I have moved to Singapore, I want to join his FANSCLUB. :)Elvin Ng with his 5 cute fingers. :D
Elvin's Fans. :P

cool. i love this. :p

Kui Jien and Me
Elvin and Me. :p

we had a chance to took a pic with him. so lovely.
Thanks Elves.
again. us again.
he signed on my phone. Loves!
I took this picture was because I was too red and hot at that time. :D
This is awesome. ^^

I really love this. I would keep it on a beautiful box. :D

Alright, bye everyone. ♥
Enjoy your weekend. loves. :D

Remember to watch Entertainment on 5 Recording @ Mediacorp on Wednesday, dudes! :D

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