Monday, June 14, 2010

I have been thinking that I really must do something about my life because it isn’t going along the way I’d like it to be and yet until now I have felt I have to conform to the way I have always behaved. It can feel frightening when I think about doing what I dream of and yet it can happen if I take the appropriate steps.

Some people said "The most important thing to do if I want to change my life is to do something different." Is that true? It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, just doing something different seems to change my energy and then I will find making the changes I need to take become so much easier to do?

What could I start with? Strange though it may seem even eating something different for breakfast, or having breakfast if I don’t usually eat any can start the process. Hahaha. They must be kidding me, but I will try and start from tomorrow onwards. :) From having a different for breakfast, it doesn’t take a huge change in my behaviour to result in a massive change in my ability to achieve great things.

So what else should I do? Perhaps, I can have my hair cut in a different style or wearing a different colour or style of clothes from my normal style. What kinds of hairstyle should I change? How about style of clothes? Well, let's see! I will give you guys a surprise, it takes times though.

How about blogging? I guess I should post something different, maybe about my fashion? I am not fashionable though. Who knows that through blogging I will become more fashionable? I must be dreaming. :D

So ya, I should try both and notice what happens. I will see when I do something different not only does my perception of life change but so does how I appear to other people. So then they take more notice of me and are more likely to respond to other things I may do or talk about. :D

I also could change the way I greet people or the route I take to work or the shops I go to. Anything that is out of my normal routine will have the effect of shifting something about me and my influence on other people. (All of a sudden I will appear to be more confident and more self assured and they will sit up and take more notice of me then they did before. *dreaming* =D)

P.S: Guys, don’t keep on living a life you no longer want. Instead make up your mind to take action and change your life for the better.

Have a nice day ahead, guys. Loves! :)

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