Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hi everyone. I'm back from Malaysia. Well, actually I was back on Sunday evening. Alright, the photos will be uploading soon. Stay tuned.. :)

Anyway, I wonder that anyone out there waiting on results? I did IELTS exam on 19th June 2010. On the homepage, it says we should know our results by the 2nd July 2010. If I pass I will be able to study in Republic Polytechnic. As always it does seem a long way off, but I know it won't be long until the countdown!

Yes, the feeling of pessimistic. :(

Whenever I sit the exam I am always filled with such panic that I nearly end up walking out! Then as I sit at my desk and turn over the paper I search for the questions I believe I can answer the best. Then after some time (and some answer planning) I actually start to enjoy myself! Part of me is pessimistic thinking "how can I be enjoying this, I am going to fail!" and part of me is feeling proud as I know that most of my friends out there are encouraging me.

It was my forth times did IELTS exam. I sat my exam at SMU. As always the invigilators are brilliant. I wish everyone all the best with their exam results. If any of us do fail (including me) we must try to keep our chins up and put it down to the learning experience. Above all we must try to enjoy our studies. After all, learning English is fun. Congratulations to all of us for getting this far! (Though I'm just trying to make myself feel better)

Alright, I don't know how others feel but with each day that goes by I get more pessimistic about the outcome.

In case you guys miss me :p

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