Sunday, June 20, 2010

These two weeks, we had catched two awesome movies. Well, maybe for me. :D

Last weekend, we watched "Prince of Persia". It was awesome! I love that movie and I was so impressed with the story. The princess and the prince. Yay! Especially, the dagger. It was so beautiful and great.

If I have a dagger, I will turn back the time to the day we've just known each other, so we will know what's going to happen and re-consider about everything. One thing for sure is both of us will not suffer from that relationship anymore. We will be good friends, sharing everything to each other. All I want is you being happy. Perhaps, for the existence of the dagger, you would have a nice and good looking girlfriend now. Live happily ever after with her. :'(

Alright, I'm just came back from PS, we went there to have our dinner and watched "The Karate Kid". This is another awesome movie. Why I said so? Honestly, I love watching action movies, especially, kungfu. I was so proud about the boy, he was so brave and strong. The ending audio for that movie was never says never isn't it? That is incredible. I love that song. Yay!!!!! :)

Okay, IP MAN was also another awesome movie for me. I know that I am so greedy. :D

Oh yes, I passed by a shop and bought my three little cousins a gift for each of them. The blue will be giving to him when I meet him. :D

I'm so tired now, been busy the whole day. After finished my exam, went to work and then continue the outing with him. Tiring day but it was one of the awesome day. I enjoyed myself. Thank you so much. Good night!

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