Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can you believe it?
I'm speechless, I've got nothing to talk about now.

I feel so happy. I thought I will never meet him and talk to him face to face. I was feeling so shy just now. I can't control my shyness. I think it was because I was too happy and excited to see him. Hahaha..

I wanted to talk to him but my English sucks. Well, although, my English was good, I didn't have a courage to talk to him.

You must be thinking who is he, am I right?

Yes, I am right. Haha!

Do you wanna know who?

Well, yes, he is Elvin Ng. He's so handsome. Gosh! Can you imagine when I saw him for the first time, my heartbeat started to jump faster and faster. My face was red and my whole body was hot. :D

Yes, if I'm shy, my face and body will be very red and hot. It makes me looked so gross in every photos yesterday. Haha!

See this...
I know I'm so tanned and gross. However, he's just so handsome.
More photos to come..
Stay tuned guys! Loves!!!

Do you wanna see what did I post about him before? Haha! I never ever imagine to meet him and talk to him like we did yesterday although it was just few minutes. Hahah!

Click on this below link if you curious about what did I post about him before:

Enjoy! :)

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