Monday, August 2, 2010

This is how I spent my Saturday on the last weekend. :D

I went to Bugis Junction alone to support Apple Chan. She's so pretty but unfortunately, she didn't win. Well, it's alright, you've already done your best. I took some photos and recorded the dance performance of her in that event. :)
I have the video. I will upload soon. STAY TUNE guys! :)

After watching all of them, I went to meet up with my cousin and go to ECP together. :D
Here we are! :)
Before entering the restaurant, I took a picture of the restaurant name.
due to the YOG is coming, I could see everywhere is about YOG, even this wet tissue too. :D
I love seafood and all these foods below. :D

Crispy Chicken.
Especially the sauce for this Crispy Chicken is awesome. :)
Aha..Scallop and Yam. Not bad!
Gosh! Kangkung Belacan is always my favourite.
Seafood fried rice with
Mayonaise Youtiao.
Here it is.. The most I love is CHILI CRAB. CRAB CRAB CRAB! ♥
Especially with these buns. OISHI!!!!!
Steamed Prawn. I am not a prawn lover, but CRAB! HAhah.
I love this too. HORFUN! ♥
Last but not least, the fruits. *healthy* :P

I guess, you guys should go and try. :D

Anyway, I am so excited yet nervous now. Yes, again!
It's because the result will be out tomorrow.
Yay, so excited. GOSH!!!!

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