Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've just came back for recording. SO TIRING but worth it. :)
I went to stalk Elvin Ng just now. LOL!
No, I am kidding. :D

I randomly remember that today is my Auntie's birthday. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY INA II"

Due to the photos outing with Elves and Elvin are more than the photos outing with Rita and Xuly.
I will upload the photos outing with Rita and Xuly now (before I go to bed). :D

So before went to MCS, I went out with Rita and Xuly.
I've waited them for 3-4hours.
From Bugis waited until Orchard and back to Bugis again.
It was frustrating to shop alone alright cos I didn't feel like buying anything just now.
I bought 3 breads at BreadTalk, Wisma and I sat on the stairs and waited them to call me.
And like finally, we've met up. We went to Ichiban Sushi to have our lunch.
Alright, lunch at 5PM.
It considered as dinner i guess. :D
Rita is so cute, she kept playing with this SUNFLOWER. :D
Tada... This is the end of the journey. :D
I will upload Elvin and Elves photos soon.
Stay Tuned!
Loves. :)

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