Thursday, August 5, 2010

Subject: Republic Polytechnic Direct Admissions Exercise-Foreign Application Result

Dear Mayrine,

We are pleased to inform you that your application is successful.

What a good news. Yes, I can't wait to start studying in RP soon. It's going to start next year though. Well, but time passes so fast. I'm sure it will be so soon. Haha.

Alright, hahaha. Gosh! I'm so freaking happy. Pardon me ok?

To be honest, I am confusing about money now. I am afraid i cant afford to pay all my school fee with my salary. :(

Does anyone know how to earn more money to pay my school fee? Let me know or probably, you can introduce me some jobs. Thank you. I'm really appreciated. :)

Anyway, all I need to do is to say thank you to the RP's examiner for giving me a chance to further my studies there. Thank you so much!

Last but not least, thank you, Aaron for the support. I will study hard and I promise I won't let you down. You're simply a good man!

That's all, I get to go!

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