Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sorry sorry for my very late post again.
I should be posted on the day after the outing.
Oh well, there is nothing to post this month. *sigh! :(
I mean not much things to post.

On 26th of August was my friend's birthday and we gave her surprise on the next day. :D
It considered as a belated birthday surprise.

1. She made her wish. We wish her dreams come true. (:
2. This is our tradition, as long as it is your 21st years old birthday, you have to take out the candle.
3. by using your mouth. LOL! It happened to me too.
4. She was feeling shocked, feeling excited, feeling touched. =P
5. Finally, cut the cake! loves
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At night, I went to Marina bay to catch a movie with some friends.
We watched The Expandable. YEAH! It was AWESOME!!!! ♥
In some parts, it was a little exaggerate though. :D

After movie, we walked and stopped by somewhere to take some silly pictures. It was funny! haha!
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Chao Gay is so gayyyy! hahahah!
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Asung and Chao Gay were so funny! :D
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After taking photos and we walked to XIN WANG HK CAFE to have our supper. Gosh!
I really need to slim down, man! :(
For every 1 main course, we could get this friend wanton for just $2.
It was delicious. it's quite oily though.
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Fish and Chip. ♥
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Tada! It used to be my favourite.
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These two guys were eggholics. hahah!

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That's ALL! :D

PS: Tomorrow is TEACHER'S DAY in Singapore.
Some of my classmates are going to cook their own food. Well, some of them will buy drinks, crackers, bisquits, probably, chocolates.
Are you guys going to celebrate Teacher's Day too?
ENJOY!!! (:

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