Monday, December 12, 2011

VNC 2011

VNC (Volunteer Networking Camp) 
This is the camp where all the volunteers gets to know more friends from other homes and learn from each other more about volunteering.

I don't have a lot of photos because I didn't bring camera to capture those special wonderful moments.
My first time having Campfire and it was really really fun!
My group is Orange Owl.

The Orange Group! (My favourite Colour)
Angela (my new friends but we are already set up a group which is Pyjamas Party Peeps (PPP group) cool right? Our leader is Alex.

Chicken Dance Time!
We were the only one who got the correct answer.

TEAMWORK is important in this Volunteer Networking Camp. 

All the campers and the organizers. AWESOME!

we had a short walk for like 1 hour. A great way to start a morning. <3
After the camp, we went out for lunch and ice cream feast! YAY! we've tested 22 different flavours in a shot.

That's the end of the post. Sorry, I didn't have much photos to share cos I didn't use my own camera to take pictures, I could only get all these photos to share with you all. 

One thing I must say is this camp is full of joy and awesome people. 
I love having fun with them, my new friends, my new group. :)

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