Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yudya & Ery's Big Day

Last week, I went back to Batam just for Yudya's wedding. 
I went back on the 17th Dec and we directly went out for practicing our performance for Yudya on her wedding day. :)

I love the photos. All of them. 

On the 18th at 10pm, we started to do the games for the brothers.
Below is the underwear and the marshmallow.
Can you imagine how are they going to eat it? *evilsmile*
It's wedding promises time. I mean we're going to write it down. :)

Say cheese to the camera.

Coke and the super long straw.
Master Potato and the Oreo
This is the funniest part. Guess what is this?
The green chili cupcakes.
XC, Xlous and Okta
our hairstylist.
it's done. Nice? 
Look at the wedding promises. Whose handwriting huh? So nice. :p
Deng deng deng, the bride is here.
Ane and Eliz
We were interviewed by the paparazzi. HAHAH! (I am just kidding) 
We were asked to pose because they wanted to take pic of us.

We are Yudya's Sisters.

The pretty bride. <3

The lollies

Mommy and I
Fatty me!

Happy Wedding, dear. <3

They also arranged a hen's night surprise for Yudya, but I couldn't make due to guitar practice. :(
This is the cupcakes design, nice? :)

Who's next? :)

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