Sunday, January 15, 2012

VGC Concert Day - Behind the Scene.

My HARD WORK paid off! 
The applause from the audiences make my heart melt and my tears drop.
I feel so touched with all these.
I've been practicing so hard, real hard.
With those support from the audiences, those applause, and those motivation voices, also those shouting from the audiences' seat makes me feel so satisfied with my performance even though I might not really perform well.

I feel so happy, I feel so proud of myself, seriously.
It's my first time having concert. FIRST TIME in my life. 
I won't forget this beautiful moments.
Those smiles that come from the audiences when they see us dance.
Those sincere applause when they enjoyed our performance.
It's more than enough.
I thought I won't be able to handle to see the audiences.
I tried my best to tell myself. 
"This is not going to be a nightmare, this is an experience that will lead to a better place"

NEVER give up! Just ENJOY when I am on stage! 
YES, I really enjoyed myself. although at first was a little nervous, afterall it was fine.

I looked at the audiences and smile.
I showed them how I enjoyed myself up here, so they would enjoy it with me too.

Anyway, here are some photos that I took and also some of the members took using my camera...
I didn't take a lot of picture cos we were so busy till we didn't even have the thought to capture these beautiful moments.

It was great success.
I hope for more concerts in the future. :)

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