Thursday, January 26, 2012

Advertorial - Softlens Shop (GMARKET)

Finally the ordered is here. <3
I am so happy to received all these beautiful lenses. 
Thank you for sending it on time.

The grey which is going to look so natural when you wear it. 
I believe it won't look so obvious. 
I kinda love the natural look, to be honest. :)
The brown color, this type is only available for those 0 degree customers like me.
I ordered this pink lenses because I want to look a bit feminine instead of like a tomboy.
Pink is always feminine look right? :)
The 3 tone color kinda looks like the one I am using now. 
I bought it from freshkon color fusion.

We ordered a pair of blue and a pair of pink.
Hopefully to be able to see them wear it to class.
If it looks kinda same on eyes, I would just ordered from Softlens Shop cos it can be kept for a year and it's also quite affordable for me to buy more than one color. :)

Here is the blue color.
So this is the pink 3 tones colour
This is not orange, this is brown.
I ordered this for my cousin because I think this going to be very suitable for her. 
For every pair, we would be able to get a free case.
Thank you Softlens Shop for these wonderful lenses. 
I can't wait to wear it tomorrow. 
I only ordered two pair. The rest are for my friends. :)
These are the two pairs. The pink for myself and the brown for Christina - my cousin.
Remember to check out their website here: Softlens Shop.

You will never regret and you will definitely going to get a pair or even more than a pair. 
The U.P is $19 and above, but now, they have additional discount for us.
The price is now $15.50 and above.  

The GOOD thing is there are FREE shipping on purchase over $46.50
What a great deal!

It's worth to get more because it can last for a year but normally, I will discard it after 3-6 months, because it's not good to wear it more than 6 months. It's all just for hygiene purpose. :)


I am going off for "We Not Naughty" movie screening now. 
Stay tuned for my upcoming post~

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