Monday, January 30, 2012

Elves Reunion Dinner 2012

HEY, what's up? 

It's our Elves Reunion Dinner again on the 27th Jan 2012.
This is the 2nd time we had Elves Reunion Dinner.

I still remembered how crazy we were last year. 

Let me start!!!

Before we went for dinner, we will do some marketing!
So it's....

Marketing TIME!
These are the things we bought. *budget, okay* :P
The members are going for the marketing!

After we've reached Esther's house, she hasn't reached home so we waited outside and...

Red for 吉利!
Nice effect which is WE LIKE! :P

REACHED HERE HOME, then we helped each other.

We separated the works equally.
So some of us doing wanton wrapping. Including myself. :p

Look at the glasses with name. 
Budget so we can't waste the glasses. :P

We remember the THE R's 
Let's save the world, and stop the global warming by not doing too much plastic glasses.
Everybody loves it!

Done with the wanton wrapping.

So these are all the foods. Not much right?

So before start the feast, let's take the group photo.
Thank you, Uncle (Ester's Dad) for helping us in taking pictures! (:
some of us can't wait so stood up and grab the food.
O.o Is it Lizard???
Okay, I look like a Monkey!
After the feast, taking photos again.....

So even before going back, we have our group photo.


I had so much fun with the loved ones.
Thank you Elvin, without you, I wouldn't have known such great friends in my life.
I am not good in describing myself in front of the people I love. 
I like to write on the blog and let them know.
If they didn't notice/even read them, means I can just keep the love in my heart.
Perhaps, I am those shy kind? *no idea too*

Alright, have a great day everyone! 

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