Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY 2012

Happy CNY everyone!
Here is the post about how my CNY spent. 
I was back to BATAM for CNY for sure.
EAT EAT EAT as always.
Let the pictures do the talking! ^^

We went to 888 HOTEL for the reunion dinner this year. 
I still prefer to have my reunion dinner at home anyway.
LOU HEI~ my all time favorite during CNY!
Shark Fin
Theo and his mommy! <3
Family Pictures...

Granny and Grandpa.

WE were hoping to bring back at least one thing, but too bad. 
We were not lucky enough! =D


Anyway, every table gets to bring a box of Chocolate back. HOW SWEET!
Parcel from mommy's client.
Gong Xi Gong Xi
Self-portraits now! :p
It's bed time~

My turtle. <3

2nd day of CNY! 

We went to Nagoya Hill for shopping and lunch! (:

Rootbear Float
In the evening, we went to Uncle's house for steamboat. 
Our 2nd round. :p

We have 2 steamboat, one is for the elderly and another one is for the youngster. :P
HAHA! I am kidding, we need to have 2 because we are just too many people and it is impossible to eat on the same table for 18 people. :)

Kaiwen was enjoying his K-ing at uncle's living room.

Last but not least, my friends came too.
They are not just friends but more than my friends.
They are my sisters / besties! 

After the steamboat feast, and besties came and fetch me to peak pub for chilling.
Stay tuned~

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