Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video)

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!
Have you planned what to do on this special day?
I know that if both of you are loving each other, everyday is Valentine's Day for you, but sometimes, there's definitely a day for you to say "Thank You for having them with you" or whatever sweet talks you would love to say, and for those singles and who have crush, you'll definitely want to wait for Valentine's day to confess your feeling to the one you love. RIGHT?

Oh well, it's just so sweet.

To me, the one I loved doesn't have to buy flowers, chocolates, or any gifts. 
As long as I can spent the time with the one I loved, that would be the most wonderful Vday I've ever spent! 

 Guys, perhaps, you still think there's a need to give a surprise, right?
TADA~ Check this out!

Valentine by Kina Grannis

How is that?
I personally like this song, because Kina is really a wonderful lady who has a beautiful voice.

Guys, just enjoy this song!
If possible, sing it to your loved ones.
I am sure it's going to be the greatest / the most memorable Valentine's gift she ever received. 

Stay lovely and sweet! 

Not to forget...
Those who are singles, don't be so EMO!
Just SMILE! You will find your true love soon, it's just the matter of time!

STAY HAPPY and again, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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